CONTOUR: Visual(izing) Data

Some of my thesis work was recently selected by Contour Journal for their series on data visualization and its relationship to research methods among architects and designers. My submission draws from the custom mesh and lineweight display scripts for grasshopper preview geometry posted here earlier. The post—and the rest of the ongoing Visual(izing) Data series—can … Continue reading

ACADIA 2014 Hackathon

Nathaniel Zuelzke and I were invited to participate as ‘design champions’ in the Hackathon element of this year’s ACADIA conference. The overarching theme of the conference was Design Agency, a concept that has been a focal point of research for both of us. Given the loose format and short length of the event, we worked … Continue reading

Recently I assembled a visual essay—which was published by—on the morphology and impact of public space in the urban village of Longtancun in Guangzhou. Much has been written about urban villages over the last decade, usually from the perspective of their socioeconomic position as informal urbanism or the possibilities of preservation in such scenarios. … Continue reading

Landscape Architecture Frontiers

Student work from the Spring 2013 semester—Guangzhou Tower Delta—was published in volume 5 of LAF. Students represented included Charles Sarasin & Ken Jun Triponez, Christina Haas and Jana Scharll and Alex Sadeghi. Special thanks to Lu Xiaoxuan for editing and translating.

AAG Video Panorama at the Centre Pompidou

The Media × Design Lab at EPFL was invited together with IBOIS and LGG to represent the school at the 2012 symposium for Advances in Architectural Geometry in the Video Panorama, a representation of twelve international schools, curated by AAG and the Centre Pompidou. Among the work shown were some studies developed and shared here … Continue reading

Swarm Shelving

Shelving furniture for an academic office based on vector swarming simulated in Grasshopper using VB.NET with controls for density, dimensions, and bundling behavior. The interior face displays the same vector field as the exterior, but with greater depth and width to create functional storage space. This subtle divergence can be read from the exterior in … Continue reading

Self-bracing Panelization:

Self-bracing PQ-dominant mesh of a low relief surface generated and unfolded in Grasshoppper3d using the BRep Unfold definition in Grasshopper. Support spans are created within the dimension of the face when distance and angle to base surface permit to prevent material waste. The transparency of the screen is a side-effect of its geometry. flickr

Wind Impact Simulation:

Feasibility study of renewable energy sources. Ten years of monthly average wind directions and speed (via Wolfram), in reaction with topographic variations simulated in Processing for visual analysis using the Anar+ library and a custom built half-edge mesh class. Darkness of the line indicates proximity to ground. Red squares mark wind impact with and deflection … Continue reading