BRep Unfold

pq-dominant hybrid mesh
When working with surface panelizations, I find physical models easiest to construct when the panels are grouped into linear strips which can be unfolded flat and lasercut. Grouping panels into strips reduces the number of pieces to organize and to assemble. Additionally, folded seams are usually more precise when working at small scales than glued or notched joints. The step of unrolling these strips and preparing them for lasercutting is usually incredibly time consuming and introduces a break in the parametric workflow.

unroll Brep
This definition solves unfolding for these linear polysurfaces, regardless of orientation or the sequence of faces, returning the vertices as a list of points, a new, flattened brep, and separated lists for internal and edge curves.
(ghx download)
unroll Brep definition
This script utilizes the Quaternion Rotation function

UPDATE: The definition was edited on 0410-11, link has been reassigned as well.

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