Self-bracing Panelization:

Self-bracing PQ-dominant mesh of a low relief surface generated and unfolded in Grasshoppper3d using the BRep Unfold definition in Grasshopper.
Support spans are created within the dimension of the face when distance and angle to base surface permit to prevent material waste. The transparency of the screen is a side-effect of its geometry.

2 Responses to “Self-bracing Panelization:”
  1. sjxliew says:

    hey man

    Really great stuff!!!

    Would it be possible to see the grasshopper definition for your work on self-bracing panelisation?
    My email address is

    It would be very useful!

    Kind Regards,


  2. trevor.patt says:

    This definition is involved in a competition so it probably won’t be released as a whole; however, 95% of it is in these three definitions. You should probably be able to assemble something like it without too much difficulty.

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